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PYXL8R - May 3rd, 2014

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Music for the space between point A and point B: the left and the right ears 


This weeks playlist


This weeks playlist


This weeks playlist

3-29-2014 Structures from Silence (30th Anniversary)

Thirty years after its release, Structures From Silence remains an iconic America release in the ambient and electronic genres. It's a well-respected soundtracks for contemplation, relaxation, meditation, and focused creativity. The album continues to appear at the top of charts and is mentioned as one of the best releases in the genre; even more importantly, it is a meaningful touchstone for thousands upon thousands of listeners who have lived many years within its nurturing embrace. The album has endured, growing more potent over time, especially in the accelerated pace of today's life. Emotional, powerful, and enriching, it is a living example of the true healing quality that music can hold.

This week we will celebrate this anniversary with selected tracks from this re-release, with special focus on the new music that is in the vein of Structures From Silence on discs 2 and 3 of this set.

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This weeks playlist

3-15-2014 Music Made with Modular Synthesizers

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This weeks playlist


This weeks playlist


This weeks playlist


This weeks playlist

2-8-2014 Shannon Hayden - Live on Music WIth Space

Shannon Hayden is a classically trained cellist who has never been content to stay strictly within thecelloruffle.png confines of the traditional course of study. When not performing her own pieces, Shannon focuses on 20th century and contemporary works and has enjoyed working with composers Ezra Laderman, David Lang, Fay Wang, and percussionist/composer Andy Akiho. 

Her own music is a combination of process and looped cello and voice. 

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Oh...any by the way... this broadcast will be Music With Space's official 5th anniversary!

2-1-2014 Nearly 5

We are nearly five years old! Next week folks!

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1-27-2013 Special Monday night broadcast

Tonights playlist

1-25-2014 Perchance to Dream...

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1-18-2014 Distant Control

Your host controls the airwaves from afar tonight (as he is in the San Jose area at the moment) via a pre-recorded edition of the program. It will consist primarily of recordings of past Music With Space live performances:

1) Markus Reuter and Tim Motzer from October 2nd, 2010

2) PYXL8R from February 4, 2011

3) Wave Word from April 21st, 2012

followed by a piece of music from the artist Ombient, to close the show. The track "Fragments" from the eponymous first release. 

1-11-2014 Music for a cold rainy night

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1-4-2014 Happy New Year - Music for Sub-Zero Wind Chill

Recovering from the recent Winter Storm...with some amazing music.

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12-30-2013 Special Edition of Music With Space

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12-28-2013 Solstice Music

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Reminder! Special Monday 12/30 from 9pm to 12am.


12-23-2014 Another Special Monday Night show (2 of 3!)

Another fill in broadcast for an absent DJ... tune in, turn on and drop out!

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12-21-2013 Music...music....and more music...

REMINDER: Special Music With Space broadcast this coming Monday, December 23rd from 9pm to Midnight.

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12-16-2013 Special Monday night show

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12-14-2013 The Time Merchant


The Time Merchant - With over 50 albums, the ever prolific Time Merchant is on a constant quest to explore sound. The first album appeared in 1994. Little else is known as The Time Merchant tends to keep out of the public eye, preferring instead to hide away in the recording studio (the wave chamber), working methodically to create the next sound world. Works have explored several genres, including: experimental, dark ambient, atmospheric. pure electronic, and various combinations. The Time Merchant will appear on the program this evening. Tune in for a great live performance.

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This weeks playlist



This weeks playlist



This weeks playlist


11-9-2013 Ombient with very special guest Chuck van Zyl


This week, two well known in the Philadelphia area electronic music scene, Ombient and Chuck Van Zyl join forces as a duo for a live performance on Music With Space.This is a part of a string of appearances (including a free show at The Event Horizon Concert Series on Saturday November 9th at 8pm.)

If for some reason you can't tune in to Music With Space this weekend or attend the Even Horizon Series show, you can also catch them on the WXPN program Stars End later on Saturday night after 1am (technically Sunday morning...)



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This weeks playlist


10-19-2013 Vic Hennegan and Dave Luxton

his is going to be one you do not want to miss. Two world class performers each doing a solo set on one evening of Music With Space

Vic Hennegan- Vic has been writing, recording , producing and performing electronic music for several years.  As a live performer he has performed at such shows as ?The Gathering Concert Series in Philadelphia, Cyberstock of Los Angeles, Dance Shows for Fumbling towards Ecstasy  and other venues around the world.  With computers, samplers, vocals and synthesizers, Hennegan’s instinctive hand creates techno-trance and ambient music in a wildly fun, uplifting spiritual experience that will take your soul on a journey to the center of ecstasy.

Dave Luxton - His musical origins begin during hischildhood in northern New England. Since his earliest memories, he has been drawn to music by its magical power to evoke emotion and communicate the human experience. He began creating music with synthesizers as a child and he began to teach himself guitar as a teenager. When he was 17, he began formal lessons with classical guitarist Michael Silvestri.  then briefly attended Berklee College of Music in Boston and later continued the study of classical guitar at the Music Department at the University of S. Maine. 

He began to focus on the creation of video and film scores after a stint in the US Air Force. His works have appeared in several soundtracks, played at film festivals, and has been aired on PBS.

He founded the Wayfarer Records label in 2007. As a music producer for the label, he have worked with several artists from around the world. He has also produced and released eleven studio albums and continues to compose filmscores.

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10-12-2013 WPRB Member Drive

Please visit out pledge site and become a member of WPRB...show your support for Music With Space and WPRB in whatever way you can....thanks in advance! (Post drive not: you can pledge at the link above for a few more days after the drive concludes, so if you areading this now, PLEASE DO!)

10-5-2013 Comoros - Live Tonight

 Tonight, Fedora Corpse recording artists Comoros perform live on Music With Space. Tune in a midnight and share the experience.





This weeks playlist


This weeks playlist


9-7-2013 Hunter and Harrison - Live 

Guitarists Harrison McKay, guitarist for The Tangent Project  and Mike Hunter (Ombient & host of Music With Space) will perform as the duo Hunter & Harrison on the program this week, live from Studio B. 

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8-17-2013 6 Hours of Music with Space starting at 9pm

Chuck Van Zyl, musician, photographer and host of the long running WXPN radio program "Stars End" will join us for this weeks broadcast. We will discuss his music, his photography as well  as the electronic music scene, past and present, in Philadephia. We will touch on the concert series we curates called "The Gatherings Concert series" as well as his radio program.

Chuck has a new CD out titled "Cenotaph." This essential CD references Berlin School electronic music influences, yet with a very unique and original voice. While listening, one feels like he or she transported into the surreal and funereal world evoked by Chuck's infrared photography... close your eyes while listening and you will be there too.



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This weeks playlist


7-27-2013 The Tangent Project

We'll be featuring music from the various releases of the Pennsylvania based duo, The Tangent Project on this weeks broadcast. 




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This weeks playlist


6-22-2013 A Brightened Night Sky - Supermoon

In honor of tonights supermoon, we will play (with some small exceptions) all music related the the moon. Tune in, listen and watch La Luna from your window in the dark...

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6-15-2013 Michael Rabito - Live on Music With Space

autonomicdrone.jpgMichael Rabito is a musician that has been discovering his propensity for the fusion of opposites for many years now. He started taking the electric guitar seriously when he was eleven and was playing out professionally by the time he left for college with his band in Vermont.  After a move to Boston the bringing together of the free flow of improvisation and the rigidity of structure increased as he played with a group of Berklee College of Music musicians for about five years. During this time his interest in loops, synthesizers and keyboards began to grow and helped to fuse space, harmony, action and dissonance. This has all culminated with his latest project back in the Princeton area called Manifested; A progressive fusion of funk, rock, dance and ambient music that has brought the group to New York, Boston, Philadelphia and many points between within their first year. They can be heard here with more information at their facebook page. Michael also performs interactive ambient space music with local visual artist Ted Klett. They will be preforming at Art All Night on June 15th -16th and can be heard at on the AutonomicDrone soundcloud page.


6-8-2013 Music for a very rainy evening...

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6-1-2013 Music of BioMeSS 

We'll be featuring several tracks from the Mercer County, NJ area who records under the moniker BioMeSS and is one third of the trio Melting Transistor. BioMeSS is short for "Bio Mechanical Shape Shifters", a name that was inspired by the artwork of H.R. Giger. The music is a combination of dark ambient, glitch, drone, noise and improv electronics. Influences include Experimental Audio Research, Klaus Schulze, Autechre, Brian Eno, Daivd Tudor, Christian Fennesz, early electronic music, Radio Massacre International, and many more.




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This weeks playlist


5-18-2013 Radio Massacre International - Live Set

RMI2.jpgWe spent the evening recording a live set and hanging out with Radio Massacre International Wednesday night.








They are in the US for a short tour and we kind enough to take time out of their busy schedule

 to record a live set for the show. Tune in tonight for a broadcast of this fantastic 1 hour and 15 minute set.

RMI will be performingthis Saturday night at The Gatherings 











This weeks playlist



This weeks playlist


4-27-2013 Selected CD's from the Spheric Music label.

On 4-20-2013 we noticed 5 cd's in the station mail box.... all from Spheric Music. So on this week, we will feature these recordings. Tune in for some great music!

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4-20-2013 More new music from Steve Roach

We'll hear tracks from the new Steve Roach studio album Future Flows...

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4-13-2013 Steve Moore, Amir Baghiri & new music from Steve Roach

Tonight at 8am, Steve Moore will be performing Live at The Gatherings Concert Series in Philadephia, PA at at St. Mary's Hamilton Village, 3916 Locust Walk (east of 40th & Locust) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania

Also, we have some music to share from Amir Baghiri that we recently provided to the show as well as tracks from a 12 hour live Steve Roach performance that was edited down to 2 hours and released as a download on bandcamp called "Ultra Immersion Concert"

Tune in and drift away...

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4-6-2013 Klaus Schulze - Tracks from Shadowlands

One of the musicians that defined electronic music early on was the German synthesist Klaus Schulze. This week we will feature tracks from his new CD released last week and some of his early works.

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3-30-2013 Joo Won Park and Julius Masri

We'll be featuring a live performance from Joo Wan Park (home grown electronics) and Julius Masri (Drums and Keyboards.) Tune in for some truely memorable music.

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This weeks playlist


3-9-2013 Todmorden 513 - Concerto for Orchestra

Todmorden 513 is a unique contemporary composition of an hours duration for orchestra. It is 513 measures long and is a Concerto for Orchestra, with each of the 50 string, woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians performing an individual solo part. These solo parts are in turn each a part of a trio or quartet, all joining together to form the orchestra.

The Colorado Chamber Orchestra is very excited to present this enigmatic, mysterious, genre-bending music and would like to record and document this event for posterity.

This is where you come in. Your support is needed to realize the recording and documentary of this event. Your help will offset the costs of the orchestra musicians, studio and production. 

We will feature a recording of the work with touch guitar and synthesizer, from which the orchestral work is based, on this weeks edition of Music With Space.

Learn about and pledge to the project on PledgeMusic.com, learn more about the music at the Tordmoreden 513 site and about the ColoradoChamber Orchestra at their site.

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This week playlist.


2-23-2013 Plutonium is first produced and isolated in 1941

A reason to celebrate? Not really... but an excuse for interesting music...YES!

Our playlist software at WPRB.com was down this evening, so visit the Music With Space facebook page for the playlist  (and while you are there, click LIKE.)

Simple browse to: http://www.facebook.com/musicwithspace


2-16-2013 A not so Wintery Winter Night...

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2-9-2013 Snow Storm Nemo

We've been remiss in updating the web site (busy times) lately, but we are still live on the air each week deep in the heart of Princeton, NJ USA. Tonight's program...a soundtrack to the falling snow...

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This weeks playlist.


12-8-2012 Prerecorded show (or...and experiment.)

Since your host is celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary tonight, he will not be broadcasting....live. Mike prerecorded the show so you won't have to do without.

Tune in at Midnight for some music for that space between the left and right ears.


12-1-2012 Remember December?

Music from Thin Air, Marconi Union, Robert Rich, Javi Canovas...suitable for floating away on a cold December night...

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11-24-2012 Chuck Van Zyl - Cenotaph

Over the course of his musical existence Chuck van Zyl has developed a signature exploratory style. By blending the primitive machine beauty of classics like Ricochet with the highly formed values of more recent groups such as Redshift and Arc, his solo studio works are the result of a persistent creativity. With Cenotaph (70'22") Chuck van Zyl has melded the intimate with the epic. Fans will find the results of this release riveting. Its tone veers from synthesized and atmospheric, to the reckless energized pulse of tumbling sequencer patterns, on down to a somber interiority - moving between the three in an impressive aural narrative. With plenty of cool modulated effects, ethereal Mellotron begot harmonies and melodies, and interlinked shifting arpeggios Cenotaph seems timeless in its purity. Tune in this evening to hear selected tracks from this new release.


11-17-2012 PYXL8R

This week will see the return of Pyxl8r (Ken Palmer & Kyle Palmer) to the WPRB production studio for a live on air performance.






11-2-2012 Critter and Guitari

`Musicians, Artists or Engineers? All of the above? Turn in this evening to find out... Critter and Guitari are the pseudonyms of the creators of the Pocket Piano and Kaleidoloop.


We'll heard some music and sounds from these devices like on the air and then chat about the genesis and artistry behind these interesting portalble electronic instruments with the creators


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10-27-2012 Hurricane - Anti-Rain Dancing

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his weeks playlist



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This weeks playlist


9-28-2012 Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Tim Motzer - The Umlaut-Tour 2012

German Synthesist Master Berhard  Wöstheinrich will be making his second  appearance on Music With Space, this  time with Tim Motzer....an interesting  combination. May listeners may recall  when Tim appeared on the program with  Markus Reuter, who happens to be  Benhard's bandmate in the group  Centrozoon.

 Tim has also appeads on the program  with J.A. Deane.


Be sure to mark this show on your calendar as it promises to be exceptional. For more information about Berhard and Tim and their  "The Umlaut Tour 2012", visit this site.



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This weeks playlist.



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This weeks playlist.


8-25-2012 Live Performance - A Review

Tonight we will be reviewing various live performances on Music With Space. Tune in for a night of music that will not fail to float you away into the depths of Inner-Space.

This weeks playlist.


8-18-2012 Kohoutek - Live Return Performance

THe WPRB studio will again be graced with a live performance from Kouhoutek.kohoutek11709.JPG

Formed in Washington DC in 2003, Philly-based experimental collective Kohoutek plays improvised psychedelia, ranging from unsettling, discordant noise to delicate melodies, inspired by such varied musical entities as Can, Amon Duul 2, Ash Ra Tempel, TradGras Och Stenar, Dead C, Skullflower, Sun City Girls, Hawkwind, This Heat, Sonic Youth, Bardo Pond, Ghost, Taj Mahal Travellers, Sun Ra, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and Van Der Graaf Generator. They inhabit a world where drone, musique concrete, and noise coalesces with cosmic folk, where doom and sludge metal merge with jazz-inflected polyrhythms. All Kohoutekperformances are rituals channeling untapped energy transmogrified through pure expression and response to the immediate environment.

"Lossless Loss," their second studio album released on Prophase in 2009, covers most of the dynamic stylistic stylistic range Kohoutek is known for: abstract and textural sound, atmospheric rock, harsh noise freakouts, clattering percussion, guitar heroics, and alien electronics congealing to form a multihued psychedelic extravaganza. Recorded deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in September 2007, the five members embarked on a psilocybic twilight journey, and this 44-minute aural excursion is the result. No overdubs and minimal editing create an experience as close as possible to a Kohoutek performance. With longtime core members Scott Verrastro (percussion, flute), Craig Garrett (bass) and Scott Allison (electronics) augmented by Vic Salazar (electric guitar) and Damian Languell (vocals, harmonica, clarinet, didgeridoo, Space Echo), Kohoutek forge their own path in the improv universe, and "Lossless Loss" is another burning fragment of this fleeting sonic comet.

Please do tune in..

This weeks playlist.


8-11-2012 Dan Pound

On this weeks edition of Music With Space, we will be focusing on the works of the very prolific Dan Pound. Dan composes and produces ambient electronic, new age, world/shamanic, space-music soundscapes. Dan was classically trained on piano, guitar and double bass at an early age and started writing songs soon after. He went on to be in the local honor orchestra and was soon writing pieces for the entire ensemble. 


This weeks playlist.



8-4-2012 Juan Garces and Floyd Bledsoe

Live tonight in the Dr. Cosmo Memorial Studio here at WPRB, we will host Juan Garces and Floyd Bledsoe in there first ever live on air performance. Join us!

Nest week (8/11/2012) we will focus on the almbient, shamanic ambient space  music of Dan Pound.

This weeks playlist.


7-28-20112 Mort Garson - The Unexplained

Tonight we will be featuring the work of Mort Garson. Sadly Mort passed away back in 2008...so we will attempt to "channel" his spirit across the FM aetherwaves and transport you back to days when Syths were huge and poatch cables were numerous

Reminder: Next week we'll here live music from Juan Garces and Floyd Bledsoe.

This weeks playlist



7-21-2012 - Joo Won Park and Bill Fieger

Joo Won Park performs live with toys, kitchenware, vegetables, umbrellas, and other non-musical objects by digitally processing their sounds. He also produces pieces made with with field recordings, sine waves, and any other sources that he can record or synthesize. He has studied in Berklee College of Music and the University of Florida, and currently serves as an assistant professor of music at the Community College of Philadelphia. Joo Won's music and writings are available on ICMC DVD, Spectrum Press, MIT Press, and PARMA recording. 

Bill Fieger is a name in the local Philadephia Experimental music scene. He creates music with anything from conventional synth's to custom created acoustic instruments. On this next weeks show, we will be playing an instrument contructed around the inards of a piano suspended on a custom frame. The strings are plucked, rubbed and excited to vibration by various implements chosen for their unique sound producing properties. Many will recognize Bill from his band Stares To Nowhere, his solo project Oblivious Solitude or his concert seriesEvent Horizon at The Rotunda in Philadephia, PA.

This weeks playlist


7-14-2012 - Sleep...perchance to dream

Music to induce sleep this week...

This weeks playlist


7-7-2012 Tangerine Dream

Your host was lucky enough to see Tangerine Dream this evening live in Philadelphia, PA before rushing up to Princeton, NJ to do this broadcast. The venue was changed a few days ago and, due to this, I was able to see the band in a NIGHTCLUB SETTING! Edgar Froese mentioned something about not having played in such a small venue since The Zodica Club in West Berlin's Kreizberg Quarter in 1968! Quite a treat to hear and quite a treat to meet and shake hands with the master Edgar Froese himself.

As a result, we'll be hearing Tangerine Dream interspersed with other music throughout the night.

This weeks playlist


6-30-2012 Orbital Decay

I had the distinct pleasure of visiting with one the east coasts master electronic musicians, Terry Furber in his studio (looks like an analog synth museum!) this past weekend. He demoed some of his incredible collection for me, we discussed music and art and I even got to play around with his Moog 1P Modular (a rare treat!) While there, he was kind enough to provide me a stack of CD's


So, as a result, his week on Music With Space, we will be featuring the music of Orbital Decay. This duo conists of Terry on Synths and electronics and Scott Watkins on guitar and synths.  I've been listening to these works all week and am very excited to share them with you. Tune in tonight and begin your decent from orbit towards the earth with Orbital Decay.

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6-26-3023 Music With Space Recordings

Interesting news... We are toying with the idea of starting a net label with some free music and some for sale. It will revolve around performances recorded on the show...amongst other things that we find interesting. It will be called Music With Space Recordings.

We are gearing up to contact artists the might be interested in seeing their live performances on the air become available for free download, or...if they choose to sell it themselves, we will at a minimum, provide a link.

The first release is a commercial release featuring the duo Harrison McKay and Mike Hunter... recording live here on Music With Space in 2011. It is titled Phase1 and can be ordered here.

Stay Tuned!

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6-9-2012 Spotted Peccary

This weeks program is a focus on the Spotted Peccary label, including the latest release from Craig Padilla, Heart of the Soul.

This weeks playlist



In preparation for the Even Horizon Series show at 8pm at The Rotuna in Philadephia PA, we bring you Thadclar and Hunter & Harrison live on the program. Tune in for this double live set at midnight.

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This weeks playlist


5-5-2012 Broekhuis Keller & Schönwälder

Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder have been a solid base in the Electronic and “Berliner Schule” (Berlin School, in English)  style of music for years.  Inspired by Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Vangelis, they have managed to develop their own style of Electronic Music with includes a health dose of Trance and Ambient. Beautiful sequences and driving drums with a wide variety of pads and astonishing sound effects on top, which can best be described as “the BK&S way of Electronic Music.”

Tune in this week for a astonishingly excellent live, on air, concert. TUne into 103.3FM in the NJ/PA area or listen online here.

This weeks playlist


4-28-2012 Groupthink - Live on Music With Space

This week, Music With Space is featuring Groupthink, A duo comprised of Darren Bergstein & Edward Yuhas.

Groupthink mine a rich seam of improvised electroacoustic ambience & awry rhythmic pulsations via guitar, iPhone & laptop apps, myriad found objects, various percussives, samples, loops, and processing. Groupthink just realized their debut recording, "Of Microcosmic Origins", in March 2012 on the Periphery label. 


This weeks playlist


4-21-2012 Wave World - Live on Music With Space

Wave World is a Dutch/Canadian multimedia project attracting quite a lot of attention for its fascinating music and enchanting shows. During live performances, their impressive music is blended with computer-generated graphics of a virtual world, projected on a huge screen.
Wave World's extraordinary music style can best be described as modern space music with dance influences. The enthralling shows carry the audience away to an alien world, that might exist in another time and another dimension.

Join us this week for a live, on-air performance on Music with Space and be sure to attend there live shows in the area at The Gatherings Concert Series on Saturday evening and Sunday at the Soundscapes Concert Series and to pick up their wonderfsul CD's and their amazing DVD

This weeks playlist



This weeks playlist


4-7-2012 Onewayness, Ben Miller and Jason Sloan - Live at Event Horizon 

Tonight we will hear a live recording of Onewayness, Ben Miller and Jason Sloan from last weeks Event Horizon Series show at The Rotunda. 2hrs and 20min of great live music!

This weeks playlist


3-21-2012 Onewayness

onewayness.jpgOnewayness is Adam Holquist, an experimental electronic musician from Erie, Pennsylvania. He uses hardware and software 
synths, spoken word and field recordings, and a variety of acoustic and electric instruments to create atmospheric compositions which draw influence from vintage Berlin-school electronic music, minimalism, post-rock, and contemporary electronic 'listening music'. Tune in to here Adam perform this evening after 1am.


This weeks playlist


3-17-2012 Tim Motzer and J A Deane - Live on Air

Tonight's program will feature a live performance from Guitarist Tim Motzer and multi-instumentalist J A Deane. Dino J.A. Deane

J A Deane: Over his career multi-instrumentalist, sound-designer, conductor Dino J.A. Deane has demonstrated an innovative approach to the world of music. Deane pioneered the use of live-electronics & live-looping in Indoor Life a popular art/punk band from San Francisco during the early 1980's. There he played trombone controlled synthesizer that emulated the sound of an electric guitar. Soon afterwards he was touring the world as the electro-acoustic live-sampling percussionist with Jon Hassell.That collaboration resulted in the ground breaking Power Spot recording for ECM in 1986, produced by Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois. During that same period Deane became a close collaborator in Butch Morris's real-time composition creations called Conductions and in 1995 co-produced Morris's epic 10 CD box set Testament for New World Records. Deane coined the term live-sampling, which means to record members of the ensemble while in performance, manipulate the sound and play back the recorded audio as part of the piece, all in real time. He is considered a master in this field of performance. Deane also has an extensive background in sound-design for theater and dance working with writer directors as diverse as Sam Shepard, Julie Hebert and Christoph Marthaler. Deane is sought after by music festivals, instrumental ensembles, spoken word artists, theater companies and conservatories worldwide for performances, projects and workshops.

Tim Motzer: is a guitarist, composer, artist, remixer, music producer, and label owner. In the last 15 years, his music and guitar playing has made an impact in both the Philadelphia scenes and internationally—touring the world with poet Ursula Rucker for the last 11 years among others. His guitar work is featured on over 60 albums and remixes to date. His record label—1k Recordings—is focused on producing his own creative works and collaborations: Goldbug, Nucultures, Jazzheads (featuring Ari Hoenig), Secret Voices (featuring Ursula Rucker), Tilomo, Tim Motzer & Markus Reuter, Base 3, and more. He's recorded, collaborated, and performed with Les Nubians, Julien Lourau, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, King Britt, Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit (CAN), Kenny Lattimore, and Nine Horses (featuring David Sylvian and Steve Jansen). In 2005, he scored scenes for the original motion picture Miami Vice, and co-produced the critically acclaimed Ropeadope album 'King Britt presents: Sister Gertrude Morgan. He continues to be involved with film music (HBO's True Blood), and music for the world of dance (Group Motion, UArts). In September 2009, Tim was featured in Guitar Player Magazine. and again in April 2011 (with Markus Reuter). Motzer and his 1k label are profiled in the Spring 2011 edition of Progression Magazine. He co-founded—1k Sessions—a live in studio monthly webcast series from 1k Studios in Philadelphia in 2010.

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3-10-2012 NJFEA Preview - Live on Air Performances

Live in the studio tonight, we will be previewing two acts scheduled to appear on Saturday, Marth 10th at the New Jersey Festival of Electronic Arts .

Machine Eats Man aka,  Mohamed Ragab...coming to the USA al the way from Eygpt.

Analog & digital synthesizers , drum machines, sampling, programming & Theremin sounds take nothing away from a traditional making of pure electronic music & add to it the haunting sound of an army of Egyptian percussion instruments.

Machine Eat Man's shows usually feature stylish background visuals/video art, as well as different formations for live performance:




Duality Perspective: Boston based Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) Electronic and Ambient duo consisting of multi-instrumentalist Jason Felitto (bass, keyboards) and drummer/percussionist Kyle Ruggieri. Born out of their shared love of IDM Electronica, Duality Perspective combines organic and electronic instruments, live looping and improvisation layered with contemporary classical compositions to create a sound that is both uniquely varied yet strikingly their own.

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2-25-2012 - Music for Late Nights...

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2-18-2012 - Dean De Benedictis 

We''ll be focusing on the music of Dean De Benedictis tonight. Dean came by the studio with Vic Hennegan and each performed live solo sets as well as a set together. Dean was kind enough to record an addition live set specially for this program during his east coaust tour. This recording was a live improvisation which he recorded using his mobile studio outside in nature. 

Please tune in to hear this special, unique in time performance along with other selected studio works by Dean.

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2-11-2012 Music for the potential for Snow

This weeks playlist


2-4-2012 Erratic Audio...

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1-28-2012 Kohoutek - Live

kohoutek11709.JPGFormed in Washington DC in 2003, Philly-based experimental collective Kohoutek plays improvised psychedelia, ranging from unsettling, discordant noise to delicate melodies, inspired by such varied musical entities as Can, Amon Duul 2, Ash Ra Tempel, Trad Gras Och Stenar, Dead C, Skullflower, Sun City Girls, Hawkwind, This Heat, Sonic Youth, Bardo Pond, Ghost, Taj Mahal Travellers, Sun Ra, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and Van Der Graaf Generator. They inhabit a world where drone, musique concrete, and noise coalesces with cosmic folk, where doom and sludge metal merge with jazz-inflected polyrhythms. All Kohoutek performances are rituals channeling untapped energy transmogrified through pure expression and response to the immediate environment.

"Lossless Loss," their second studio album released on Prophase in 2009, covers most of the dynamic stylistic stylistic range Kohoutek is known for: abstract and textural sound, atmospheric rock, harsh noise freakouts, clattering percussion, guitar heroics, and alien electronics congealing to form a multihued psychedelic extravaganza. Recorded deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in September 2007, the five members embarked on a psilocybic twilight journey, and this 44-minute aural excursion is the result. No overdubs and minimal editing create an experience as close as possible to a Kohoutek performance. With longtime core members Scott Verrastro (percussion, flute), Craig Garrett (bass) and Scott Allison (electronics) augmented by Vic Salazar (electric guitar) and Damian Languell (vocals, harmonica, clarinet, didgeridoo, Space Echo), Kohoutek forge their own path in the improv universe, and "Lossless Loss" is another burning fragment of this fleeting sonic comet.

Please do tune in for what is sure to be a memorable performance.

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1-21-2012 Smite Matter and Technopolis Lost

Well be featuring tracks from the Smite Matter on the program tonight, specifically traks from the new CD titled Technopolis Lost.





We will also be hearing  tracks from Ian Boddy's recent release, on his own DiN label, titled Strange Attractors ...



as well as new music from Steve RoachBe sure to tune in...this is great stuff.

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1-14-2012 Ethereal Live

We'll be featuring the music of net label Ethereal Live on tonights broadast. Tune in, of if you cannot, visit their site for some great free music.


Ethereal Live is a privately owned and operated non-profit net label dedicated to releasing high-quality recordings exclusively from live performances of ambient, dark ambient, and space music artists.

Ethereal Live was created by Shane Morris in May 2011 to provide a home to stunning live concerts of ambient, ethereal, minimal, dark, and space musics released through a Creative Common License for music lovers to enjoy for free.

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1-08-2011 Music of the Late Richard Lainhart

Richards recent passing creates a void... the world will not be quite as sonically rich now. I feel that this program should be dedicated to Richard Lainhart...therfore, the program will consist largely, in not completely of Richard's music. Tune in and experience his magic.

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12-31-2011 Last day of 2011

It's been a great year... special thanks to you, the Music With Space listening audience for tuning in throught 2011.

Tonight well here music from Roedelius & Story, Fanger & Schönwälder, Dean De Benedictis, Rainbow Serpent & Isgaard, Mar8bram, Redshift, Eric Seifert and Wassonic.

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12-24-2011 The Morning of Christmas Eve

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12-17-2011 Remiss 

Live intervenes... We were just able to get back to the web site to update past play lists...alas.

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10-29-2011 WAR OF THE WORLDS - 10/31/1938

Tonight, in honor of Halloween, because WPRB sits deep in the heart of Princeton, NJ and because of the close proximity of Grovers Mill (the supposed crash site of the "cylinder" containing the Martian invasion force), Music With Space will air, in its entirety, the infamous 10/30/1938 broadcast of The Mercury Theater's  "The War of the Worlds" (by H.G. Wells) starring the late, great Orson Wells. The replay of this broadcast will commence in, and comrise, the second hour of the program. Tune in and remember... this is not really happening!!!!!

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10-22-2011 New Steve Roach and Sam Rosenthal

We'll be hearing selections off the new Steve Roach Live CD titled "Journey of One"...



...and selections from the new Sam Rosenthal CD titled "The Passage"



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10-15-2011 WPRB Membership Drive

If you enjoy Music With Space, please call in and support WPRB during our membership drive this week. We have looks of cool WPRB swag and some CD giveaway's courtesy of DiN.

Tune in, listen and pledge!

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10-08- 2011 - Bernhard Wöstheinrich Live!!!

Bernhard started in about 1987 to intensely experiment with his own soundsand tunes after he found out that drawing and painting simply weren’t enoughto adequately express himself. He went about to find something that mighthad a more “performing” approach. Inspired by the likes of Einstürzende Neubauten and other informal and experimental music, he finally began towork in a very personal way to compose and record some early tapes.

Bernhard leads his own solo project "The Redundant Rocker" and his maincollaborator is Markus Reuter (in CENTROZOON). He has also worked with IanBoddy, Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, No-Man singer Tim Bowness, Conrad Schnitzler,and Synapscape's Philipp Münch. He has released music on a variety of labelssuch as DiN, Burning Shed, Tonefloat, Unsung Records, and continues to push at the boundaries of rock, electronica, and the avant-garde.

Bernhard elicits meaning from abstraction in electronic music and painting.He has studied graphic design and has created an eclectic body of work inboth graphics and music. Using a compositional approach akin to his work asa visual artist, Bernhard usually begins by improvising abstract sonic structures which are subsequently developed into an increasingly detailed aural picture.

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